Meal Plan

Meal Plan


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This is the coaching option for individuals who want to be told EXACTLY what meals to eat daily!  This is a great tool to use for those who need meal idea, struggle to put together balanced meals to fit their macronutrient numbers, or just would like a bit of assistance planning their day out. This approach allows for less flexibility but takes the learning curve and guesswork out of flexible nutrition.    If you chose to only do one week of this service, it is recommended that you transfer over to our ID4 service for continued guidance!
**Due to the time demands of this service, I will only be taking 3 clients per week.  If this service is sold out, check back soon, or email us at for the next available opening!


– This service is for ONE WEEK (7 days) of specific meal planning.
– Issued a recommended grocery list and will return it to Nicole completed with your specific haul.
– Text access with Nicole throughout the week of meal planning.
– Personal adjustments based on events, preferences, and grocery stock.