Most athletes find that strength is their limiting factor when working toward fitness or sport goals, yet very few have a solid program in place to work toward building the strength they desire. With increased strength, you can go faster, harder, and longer in whatever sport you train giving you an edge over your competition. Being the strongest athlete on the court, field, rink, or CrossFit competition floor will be highly beneficial. At Honor Your Strength, we understand this, and we realize that strength and conditioning is at the base of all sports.

Honor Your Strength is a program based around building the strength that we are all capable of as athletes. While choosing to work with us, there are multiple options you can choose from as to how we can work together. This will allow you to chose the level of coaching you are looking for. Everyone's goals and needs are different and we acknowledge that. Your personal goals may include increased strength in the upper body, lower body, or maybe it is strength for general performance. We also create programs for athletes who have sport specific strength and conditioning needs such as football or basketball athletes. With a well qualified, experienced coach we can tailor your program to whatever you are looking to accomplish.

We do this by discussing your personal goals and then creating a cohesive program through the FitBot tracking system. You will get your own login and total access to the system which is complete with you program description, full explanation of movements, as well as detailed demo videos. Like Honor Your Nutrition, Honor Your Strength does not use pre-made, cookie cutter template programs, but instead tailors each program to the individual at hand in a day to day format built toward personal goals. Let's get to work!