Honor Your Nutrition is more than just a nutrition program. It is a mindset that we should be able to honor the body we are given by fueling it properly while simultaneously enjoying the happiness and social aspect food brings to our lives! As athletes, it is imperative we do this while still keeping in line with our goals and working toward accomplishing them. Balance in all aspects of life is key!

Proper fueling and serious training always come with sacrifices, however it should not make us uncomfortable, unhappy, or stressed. By learning to honor the body and the amazing feats it can accomplish when properly fueled, we take the guilt, stress, and questions out of nutrition and we become more confident, healthier, athletes - both physically and mentally - who fully understand our bodies and it's needs to reach optimal performance.


The body you were given is important.


Honor Your Nutrition offers different programs depending on the level of guidance you are looking for.  Our programs are personalized in every aspect to help you meet your needs. No matter the goal you have in mind, we are here to help.



Nutrition Workshops


Currently, Nicole is touring the country (and other neighboring countries) doing nutrition workshops. These are in depth coverage and analysis of Flexible Nutrition and how to properly balance your diet for whatever your goals may be.  The intention is to leave no stone unturned and talk through as many ...

Starter Guide


This is the basic "Starter Guide" that is included with the purchase of a SMS as well as an ID4 service. Here you are able to purchase it "a la carte", without a service attached to it.  This guide covers some basic issues and questions that most people run into when they are ...

Simple Macro Set

basic. quick. easy.

This is the most basic, and least personal service we offer.  We will collect some information from you and give you macro numbers that are recommended based on the goals that we discuss. When you come to me for this, it is expected that you know and understand flexible ...

Fundamentals of Flexible Nutrition

a must have.

This ”Fundamentals of Flexible Nutrition” guide features 12 major topics that have been found to carry the most questions. These 21 pages of information is essentially the summary of Nicole's seminar.  It is a basic ...

In-Depth 4 Weeks:

Personalized. timing. progress.

You are provided a month of constant access to Nicole in regards to your nutritional needs. Your numbers will be set, nutrient timing will be recommended based on your personal schedule, progress pictures will be collected, and you will be taught how to be self sufficient ...

Sponsors & Discounts

our favorite products.

The following companies are all filled with people that help and support Nicole in her journey both as an athlete and a nutrition coach.  We do not recommend, support, or work with companies and their products unless Nicole uses them herself and truly believes ...

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CrossFit Eastvale (Eastvale, CA) - September 24th, 2017

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